Yo! I’m Kai!

Kai Castillo

I think I haven’t done an introduction yet. So.. This is gonna be long!

I’m Kai. I reside in the Philippines. I work as a graphic designer & illustrator. I already had a website which is kaicastillo.com. It’s up for now until I decide to turn it down.

So way back, I participated in art contests when I was a child. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the break I wanted from that. But I did earn the respect and nods of people around me. I had a friend that I shared the same interest – drawing. We made stuff in our notebooks. Yes the notebooks for our lessons. Well, you know, childhood. And then there’s secondary school. Doodled here & doodled there and taking requests from seat mates for drawing stuff.

I chose Information Technology as a college degree but I shifted to Multimedia Arts after 3 years.  Then I started working a month after I finished studies.

I’ve been employed for the past 7 years of my life. I had experience doing e-learning stuff, designed pieces for prints, packaging and ads. Also, did web designing in the other half of that 7 years. Those experiences gave me the habit to put attention to details.

I joined some design forums and sites. Then along came the idea of producing comics! First, I started in creating web comics, well it’s free so I can’t complain. Then, with the help of people in that industry, I managed to squeeze in and be part of it.I decided to self-publish Patintero Comics. For now, it’s only in Tagalog language. And available in bookstores in the metro.

My interest in apparels & designs brought me into designing my own shirt brand, though inactive as of now, here’s the link if you want. It’s called Real Time Hero. I want that urban feel that it gives. And as the brand portrays, there’s a hero within everyone of us.

Now why I’m starting my freelance journey & it’s also the reason why I decided to make a blog/wordpress to keep you guys updated on things related on what I do. I wanted a fresh start. I guess this is it.

I love cartoons & comics. I am currently accepting commissions and other illustration gigs. More about myself is of course, in the About page.

I will be very glad if you decide to become part of this new adventure! 🙂


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