Character Design Challenge

There’s this hashtag going around social media – which I’m unaware of :D. It’s called #cdchallenge.

I’ve searched around and found some stuff regarding this and got my interest. I saw it first in Instagram but the details, I found it in a Facebook post (see the link for more info).  Or check the quoted text below. 🙂

Hello everybody! Please READ THE RULES before you post! 

Welcome to the Character Design Challenge! ‪#‎CDChallenge‬

The theme this month is: ‪#‎JEDIandSITH‬

”A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Please listen to this when you read the description

The Force AWAKENS! This time we celebrate the STAR WARS universe!
We invite all artists to unleash their creativity and submit their unique vision of a Jedi Knight OR a Sith Lord. The creation can be a brand new character or a redesign of one of the existing characters (canonic or not)”.

All submissions will be carefully reviewed by the Character Design References team.

Open submissions will be from today February 7th, 2015 until the deadline of March 2th 2015 at 11:59pm, Dublin Time (GMT).

All designs submitted are owned solely by the artist.

Please make sure to READ THE RULES in the group description and don’t forget to visit our visual library in case you need some art references and tutorials to help you deliver your submission.

• You need to log in on Pinterest to see all the boards

IMPORTANT (please read this!)

• Full Figure of your character (not just the head)

• NO background

Press the ”add Photo/video” button and then continue to ”upload photos/videos”. Post one single picture, DO NOT create an album, DO NOT add a file, DO NOT share a direct link from your page (links for your blog/page/store/portfolio can be add in the caption of your picture) We ask you to do that because by doing so your artwork shows up in the photos folder instead of getting lost in the feeds.

• Create ONLY your interpretation of ONE SINGLE character, choose your side of the Force! You can draw additional characters (if necessary) but make sure we can clearly see who is your character. NO LINE UP, NO ILLUSTRATIONS Please use your common sense (and the Force) this is a character design contest.


• Give to your character a personal SOUNDTRACK! Choose a John Williams song and add the YouTube link in the caption of your submission, it’s just for fun but would be cool to see your character with a musical theme that can tell us more about him/her 

Invite your friends and fellow artists to join the challenge today!

For any questions, please leave a comment below 

Let’s sharp them pencils now, let’s draw!

…and may the Force be with you”.

That’s the current instructions for February. But oh well, you get the point. You can check out the Facebook post regularly for more info regarding that.

So, I’m planning to do that kind of stuff too! I’m not sure when, but I’ll be doing that for real! Looks like fun!

Any hoo, see ya around!


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