Running A Web Comic

The Dreamer Lora Innes

I just want to share to you guys the struggles & the tips on running a web comic, that Lora posted to Chris Oatley’s website.

There are a few things I wish I’d known before I got started.” – Lora Innes

First, I would like to apologize to you guys since these will be a series of redirecting links to the original posts. But believe me, it’s word a read! So here they are…

  • Part 1 – tackles how to avoid burnout, your reputation, and updating your webcomic
  • Part 2 – explains on how to stay in webcomics in the long haul and your future & present readers.
  • Part 3 – shares the positivity and the discpline on keeping it up.

Lora Innes
Lora Innes is a comic artist from Ohio USA. She is responsible for the web comic The Dreamer which was later on published by IDW. She is also the co-host of Paper Wings Show – a creativity podcast – along with Chris Oatley. She now runs a Patreon page that you can find here. Lora Innes
How Did I Find them?

I already knew The Dreamer last 2010-ish. But to be honest, I just ignored it. Come present time, I came across it again and to my surprised, it was already published! Wow! Also, I made a habit of watching art entrepreneurship and inspirational creativity videos in YouTube. Then I stumbled upon Chris Oatley’s videos. His posts are indeed helpful. So the digging on his website began. 😀

The reason why I shared this, is not just it’s a good read. Also, to inspire myself and get motivated since I’ll be starting a web comic soon and preparations are ongoing for it. It will be posted in Tapastic, and also here. Maybe I’ll try Patreon too. I just need to figure out how it will work. I hope you support me on this project guys.

See you around! 🙂


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