The Panda Within – A Web Comic!

The Panda Within

So as I said, I’ll be starting a web comic that will be updated weekly. That’s the title – The Panda Within.

You can check it here: The Panda Within 

It’s a quirky comic about the random weird  adventures of Kyle and his panda buddy. It’s a slice-of-life comedy with a supernatural twist. You can believe what you want since it’s about my everyday life. But, I didn’t stick too much on autobiography. It gives me the freedom not to reveal too much about myself and still have privacy. I’m hoping it could give me the latitude of putting on some fiction & make stuff up.

Just a WIP

Regarding updates, I’m still undecided if it will be Thursdays or Fridays. I’ll be figuring out schedules soon. Anyway, I’m into creating the strips now so, stay tuned! For now, here’s the link to the series. It’s currently on Tapastic. Click here.



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