The Bookstore Experience

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I remember when I was a kid, aside from a toy store, I will ask my parents to leave me in a bookstore as they go on doing groceries. I loved it! It paved the way of exploring different kinds of books – novels, textbooks, encyclopedias, history books, etc. And it’s an adventure as I flip on different pages! Like, something to unravel along the way! Now come school days, I did love the library! It’s full of books, it’s quiet, it has the ambiance of giving you your moment to imagine what you are reading.

And then I met comics. Its visual storytelling is so cool that makes you crave for more! We don’t have comics in our libraries way back then, I saw comics in a newspaper stall near the barbershop in the town I grew up. They sell newspapers, used books, fashion mags and comics. That’s my first experience on holding a comic mag. In my mind it’s like, “Wow! I want to take this home!” Hahaha! I’ll always pull my mom to go buy me that comic – weekly! Even that’s not as big as a bookstore or library, but it’s a book place.

Well, that’s what bookstores gave me. The experience and the habit of loving books & book places.

Elite Daily has something to say to us regarding bookstores. This is definitely a good read. Indeed it is the digital age. But there’s really something in a physical book that makes us hold it and cherish it for long hours and even days.

When we shop online, we’re often looking for one specific product. In a bookstore, you may stumble upon a novel that never would have showed up in your search, and that you never would have otherwise read.

Go check it out. Here’s the link.


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