Knight & Silver Classes

I’ve bumped into a couple of online classes that I think would be beneficial in the long run.

I’ll give you short introductions on each.


First is Keith Knight’s Cartooning Workshop. Here’s an excerpt from the page:

You’ll learn how to find a story, convey it in a concise manner, and use the tools of the trade.

It’s a 30min class on how to work your flow in creating autobio comics. Not only that, below, you’ll see related lessons that are really informative. Take a look at them. Here’s the link to his Skillshare page. 🙂


Second, it’s Stephen Silver’s Art Education Made Affordable. Here’s what Stephen Silver’s about to say:

I have been teaching online now for 10 years and am excited to announce that we are creating a new platform through Schoolism which is going to make my self-taught courses and all others affordable for everyone around the world. Our Kickstarter Campaign starts today. Please help me spread the word. I will still be teaching my courses with live feedback for the personal one on one instruction.

It is about Advance character designing and its fundamentals. Though it’s not out yet, they’re funding it via Kickstarter in which you can pledge your support.

Anyway, I’ve been busy creating some stuff for an event this coming first week of April. I’ll be posting updates here. 🙂


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