Post Komiket Post!

Ahahaha pun intended, but yeah, it’s a post-Komiket post! Well, you get what I mean..

Last Sunday, I had the privilege on joining fellow art enthusiasts at Komiket – the first Filipino Komiks Market.

It’s the one and only event this time of the year (no Summer Komikon this year). I had a blast, meeting old and new friends and also, lots of prints & books sold! So, yeah, thank you to friends and to all the peeps who stopped by at my spot.

So, here’s some images of the said event. 🙂

komiket-image-1 komiket-image-2 komiket-image-3a komiket-image-3b komiket-image-4

Yeah those are my stuff right there. 🙂

Oh by the way, I shared tables with some cool artists – Gio, Ardie, and Mel. And Edward too of Section Six Comics! Check them out!

Comments? Hmm, it’s a good turn out for an event launch. Chill place – there’s a chandelier – easy to go to since it’s near transport stations. Though the date could’ve been moved, I know the organizers made every way possible so, it’s better than no event at all. Aaand, free ice cream too! Yes! Free ice creams! So who am I to complain? 🙂

To new followers, yeah I have a Facebook page and an Instagram page. =)


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