Interview Alert: Illustrator Bong Redila

An interview with illustrator Bong Redila.. 🙂

Lauri Fortino's Frog On A (B)log

Today is exactly three months until the release of my picture book, The Peddler’s Bed, on September 1, 2015But it’s not just my book. Creating a picture book is a collaborative effort between author, illustrator, and publisher (not to mention copy editor, art director, printer, and etc., depending on what processes the publisher does in-house and what may be outsourced). I am the author of The Peddler’s Bed, but without the support and resources of Rob and Amanda at Ripple Grove Press and the artistry of illustrator Bong Redila, the book never would have come together as beautifully as it did. And I can’t wait to share it with the world on September 1! 

Final Final Cover

In the meantime, I thought now might be the perfect time to share the interview I did with Bong. Besides being an extremely talented and versatile artist (check out the galleries on his

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