5 Mistakes Every Freelancer Makes

Well, here’s the thing, I forgot where I got this. But the image says “Creative Market” on top. So I went there and saw the original post! There’s a very good direct point mentioned there, which is:

“It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.” – Paul Scher

Yeah, he’s right. So here are some hints that we could avoid making.


For the weak eyes (like me!), here’s the breakdown:

1. Not Knowing When To Say No
You may be asked to work with a company with bad ethics. Or the client may add tasks to your current work pile. Sometimes “No” is necessary. (it’s your time and life, and pay rate. learn to balance things.)

2. Appealing To Everyone
Focus and specialize in one or two services which could bring in more clients. Pick a niche that you love doing and something you’re good at. (actually true, like, to everyone even those who are not freelancing.)

3. Having No Formal Contract
Client may take advantage of this. You don’t have to be a lawyer. Use one of the many templates available. (I’ve been a victim of this in the early stages of my freelancing career.)

4. Working Too Much
Thinking that you’re the only one in your business sometimes makes you work everyday, all day. (burn out anyone?)

5. Charging Too Little
Actually has the opposite effect than you think. Clients may see you as “cheap” and someone who provides low quality work. (It is also prone to abuse as projects go on. Just as number 1 said.)

As freelancers grow, we mostly don’t keep an eye on some of the points mentioned above. It could be dangerous in our career path. So, yeah, re-evaluate ourselves as we move forward! 🙂


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