TBT: Patintero Comics

Patintero Comics Volume 1 and 2

Around a couple of years ago, I worked with my own comic series called Patintero. First issue was released 2010. Then I compiled everything into a trade paperback. Managed to make it until volume 2! Then life made its way around me so I took an unexpected hiatus. 

Glen from team Red Flames
Janet, team Red Flames’ friend and #1 fan

I’ve come up with some sketches to see what my art would look like again when I try to get back into drawing comics. Yeah, they kinda changed, a bit. But at least I still have it! 😀

As you can see, most of my cartoon stuff are work related. Then this kind of style approach is more on my personal side. Been wanting to incorporate both in everything. Hope it’ll work some day.

Owen Garcia, our star player

And yeah, must get back into comics someday. Someday.


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