The Wave of Summer Komikon 2016

I admit. It’s been days after Summer Komikon 2016, but I still feel the hype. Not questionable though. It’s the launch of my 3rd book – Patintero Comics.

Also, it was the first event I participated for this year. And oh, do I miss attending events!

I managed to take a few snaps of the event but still, nothing beats being actually in the event. I am so privileged to be part of a selected group of artist that were featured in the 3rd installation of Sulyap – Independent Comics Anthology. A compilation of 8 artist that somehow, made a contribution in the industry. I actually don’t know how you get selected though, so it’s really amazing I made it! 😀

Soon it will be available in bookstores.

Please watch out for more announcements regarding event appearances along with the people featured in this book. 🙂

Patintero Book 3

Yeah! It’s out! It’s out there! I’m so proud! I am really proud this time around! I feel it! I’m happy how it turned out. To put it in other words, I think, this is my best book so far.

Regarding availability, I’m figuring out the Facebook Shop thing(?) and how it works out. But for now, it will only be available via events.

I also included free prints for those who will buy the 3rd book and 3 free sketch for the first 3 buyers. Yeah, it’s book number 3. 😀

One thing though, I noticed the decline of readers of my book. Might be just me. I can’t tell yet lol. I’ve been absent in the comic scene for more than 2 years so, there.



The event itself is pretty chill as always. But today I noticed that a lot of new faces are around – as sellers. I’m not yet updated on what’s a good read out there so I’ll watch out for more. And also, because of the schedule conflict of other events in the metro, it’s a smaller number of convention goers. Unlike before, there’s new faces each hour. Can’t blame the people for that though. 😀

If you ever passed by our table, you probably saw this face lol.


I’m hoping that this hype – this wave – will give me a a good break as time goes by.

Well I guess that’s it, once again, thank you everyone! To the organizers, visitors, old and new readers, and to friends, thank you very much for your support. 🙂

Peace out.


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