The Struggle is Real

I’m nearing my 2 year anniversary as a freelancer.

Yep, 2 years of struggle, lol. I must admit, it’s never easy. NEVER.The pain of not having a stable income lingers to your mind every single day. It came to the point that I’m doubting myself that I took the right profession in my life. And also, questioning the worth of being a freelancer.

It’s really hard to find clients. It’s a forever battle of questioning yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get my answers outright. I still do the questioning  up until now.

We’re now in the generation where you can get most of the answers around the web. Before, there are experts and to get to those experts, you need to network. Today, it’s a bit broad. A search on your browser will lead you to various answers that you don’t even know exist.

That’s how I managed to survive. Inspiring videos? I’ll watch that. Educational podcasts? I’ll lend an ear. Motivational articles? Bookmarked. Everyday. Yes, everyday, before going to sleep, during my morning coffee, and while working. It’s indeed refreshing.

As my struggle goes on, I keep on telling myself not to give up. One thing lead to another. And those lead me right to the question below.

If you closed your business down today – would people miss you? If so, what would they miss about you that they can’t get anywhere else? – Verne Harnish

It struck me. In order to survive in this freelance realm, you need to evaluate yourself in certain situations. In this one, you need to evaluate the whole thing.

There’s a lot of freelancers out there. You won’t struggle that much if you know the answer above.

Yeah, what will it be? Don’t look at me, I’m staring at the ceiling right now figuring out an answer. I’ll leave it here.

But I will leave a statement that David Tendrich will say, “..your answer to this question has to go beyond what you deliver on the surface.”

Yes, the struggle is real.


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