The Panda Within: Season 2

I’m finally back in creating webcomics..


The Panda Within. But it’s now on Season 2! It’s not new. It’s an existing title, but I wanted a fresh start. Like, a new chapter. However, I don’t want to start from scratch again so I put the new strips under the umbrella of this existing title.

I kind of tested the waters with a few strips first – like a month or so – and I think the feedback is okay. So I gave it a go.

The only thing that worries me is the reach. On what kind of platform I should be sharing it to the people? Not only with the people I know but with new readers as well? With that in mind, there’re a few choices. I’ll share my thoughts on each.

Tapastic. It’s my first choice since it is a webcomic hosting site. And it’s where my existing title is. The advantage here is, they support GIFs. But admittedly, I don’t have a huge following in Tapastic.

Line WebToon. The comments section here is very active. It’s free too, but due to the site not supporting GIFs, it’s a bit “meh” for me. You might be wondering, yes, I have GIF in mind in creating these comic strips.

Tumblr. It’s like my last choice. You see a lot of webcomics in Tumblr. So why not go with it, posts are easier to see – mobile friendly. Also, it’s easier to reblog/repost something.

Instagram. Few of my colleagues suggested this. Though it’s not one of my choices, I’ll give it a try. Easier to access, like come on, everyone has it on their phones, right? Clean and easy to use. And it’s free.

With all those things considered, I decided that Instagram will be the hub for my comic strips. It’s not the best when it comes to webcomics. But it’s the best choice if you want to expose it out there.


Oh you’re asking about the GIF? Yeah I made them in video loop so it goes well in sharing in Instagram.


I hope you have fun reading my creations and thank you for your support!

Oh, you can check the comic strips in this link.


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