Event Season Ending

Convention season is about to end here.

It was Summer Komikon – Summer Komiket – August Indieket- APCC – MIBF – October Komiket – November Komikon. That’s if, I remember it right. 😀


Anyway, what had happen these past months. First thing that’s notable is, I released my 3rd installation of Patintero Comics. Next is, I got Patintero Comics copyrighted! Yep, you heard it right. It took me 5 years (lol!) to get it.

What else is there, being one of the featured artist in Sulyap. I’m very thankful for this opportunity. I know there are people out there that’s really good in this comic industry but being included is a privilege and making me feel my worth. Thank you to the people behind it! 🙂

And because of that, I ended up having appearances to local events featuring the comic anthology.

Then there’s MIBF. Probably this is where my title did shine. Since my title’s market is a bit family-oriented, this is the event that did the purpose for me – reach out those people with a certain interest in sports genre comics.

Also, I want to thank the new readers that I met in events. Those kids that have a copy of my books! Thank you! I hope you all enjoy reading!

However, there’s an important decision for me for next year (2017) that’s related to events. I’ll reveal that to you probably in a future blog post. 🙂



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