Fiverr – Freelance Platform

I think I haven’t talked about Fiverr here in my blog. I know you all know that I am a freelance illustrator & graphic designer.

Due to this, I hop on from site to site on finding ways to earn for a living while being in the luxury of doing it in my own terms, own services, and stuff.

Here comes freelancing sites where you bid & haggle just to land a job. I’m telling you – it is hard. Very hard. You get to do all-nighters for underpaid jobs. Then you’ll see some having to purchase their first house and taking fancy vacations. It is really hard. There are even times that I have zero earnings – yes, none – for the month.

It was an unexpected turn of events, I had financial security a few years back and now here I am living in a nightmare. Despite all my efforts, nothing’s changing.

Before giving freelancing a chance, I was told about Fiverr – a freelancing marketplace where services started at $5. And yes, I just visited the site and left. Why? Because of the fact that you sell your services for $5. What the heck?! I think that turned me off.

Now, after all struggles. I tried to learn entrepreneurial skills and read on articles and stuff about freelancing. I had my mistakes, I need to work it out.

I then went back on Fiverr and saw some changes. Now from then on, here’s what I see on Fiverr that are really good points to look on to:

  1. I don’t have to bid for a project, clients will come to me, saving me the time to market myself on the site.
  2. I have control on my services, what I want to do and offer.
  3. Messaging on the site which gives you the security blanket of having a ghost client.
  4. Now you can offer more than $5 for a service. Some even have a starting rate of $50-$100.

Now why did I mention these?

I wanted to take it full-time from here. As one of the pillars of my freelancing career. It’s service-based yes, so there’ll be times that you won’t be able to get clients, but if this can kickstart everything and be the spark that I needed, why not give it a chance, right? You can now offer more than $5, so that’s a good thing now.

Question is, how will this affect my rates outside of Fiverr? Nothing will change that much. You can still contact me here and we can arrange a commission. I won’t tell to you that you should go to Fiverr & avail my services.

Here’s to hoping that this will be a positive year for me. And yes, I’m more focused now and I hope Fiverr will be a full-time provider for me. I even spend more time here now compared to my social network accounts. 🙂


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