Free Comic Book Day 2017

Credits to Comic Odyssey

FCBD! First Saturday of May every year. I’ve participated for the last 5 years, and it’s always awesome. But to be honest, this must be the best yet.

It’s always given that comic fans and readers all over the metro check out the event. Not to mention that it’s celebrated all around the world.

The long line before the doors opened. Credits to Comic Odyssey.

And what I mean by the best yet is not because I had many commissions or anything. But it’s the most chilled FCBD for me yet! The event layout is very well done. The food is awesome. The freebies too! Got to meet friends once again. We also have a good spot. It’s pretty relaxing for me. It’s one event that you just can’t pass out. I probably should explain this in a vlogtoon but this should do for now.

I did FCBD exclusive rates this time, below are a few.


I can’t thank enough Fully Booked and Comic Odyssey for making this happen.

See you again guys & thank you for the opportunity!


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