A Decision

There’s a good read from Jake Parker’s post about the question “Why Do You Create?”  You can check it out here.

But there’s a certain part of it that I’m having trouble to digest.

Knowing why you create helps you stave off feelings of inadequacy, frustration, and imposter syndrome that often come with putting your creative self out there for people to see, judge, and respond to.

Knowing why you create motivates you to improve your craft, and sets a foundation for you to build a career on.

Knowing why you create gives purpose to your art, and by extension, to you.

Knowing why you create is key to being a happy, satisfied, and more creative person.

And that part, is just the first part of the post.

I’ve finished reading about it the day he posted it. But I must admit, most of the information just passed thru. It didn’t make an impact – until now.

I agree with what’s posted. If ever I have troubles answering the questions in the said article. There is indeed something wrong. If not in my surroundings, it’s probably in me. This – along with my previous post – lead me to the decision to disconnect. Not off the grid, but probably should take a break from everything. Social media, the internet, everything. That doesn’t mean people can’t contact me in any means if there are important messages needed to be addressed. That’ll still be open. Hoping I can comeback with a fresh mind set and rekindled creativity.

So, that’s it, just to inform you guys about that.

I’ll see you soon!


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