Story Time: Old Illustration Work

Way back 08-09, I had an opportunity to work as an illustrator for an eLearning company. My 1st full-time employment. But I wasn’t hired because of my drawing skills (in fact they hate it lol), but with the ability to finish tasks quickly. To use software applications easily. 


So they made me adapt to this type of art approach. I didn’t like it but I needed the job back then. No choice. After a few months, I was getting the hang of it and said to myself that I will develop it in the future. It didn’t happen lol. I went out and practiced my graphic designing profession.


Now, I see a lot of these type of illustrations out there. Nothing to point out on this one. Just sharing my work experience. Come to think of it, if I ever developed this in my own style, my content would look very different from what it is today – probably. And, I think my career will be on a different path.


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