New Mascot!

If you’re following me on my social media accounts, you’re probably updated. Since this post is a week late, I still want to put it here as documentation purposes.


I came up with the decision to redesign my old mascot. The idea was to come up with a more flexible character that can be used in the future. I have been having limits with my old mascot due to its design. Below is a visual of what I am trying to explain.


If ever I’m going to animate it, I am very restricted with it’s bounding lines by the side. Imagine a bottle versus a figure with a separate head and body. Also, rotating the head means the shape or the design will be compromised. The solution I do with that is I just flip it to the other side. With the new mascot, I can freely move the arms and body making it easy to express emotions and certain poses. Plus, the hair and head can easily be recognized even in different head turns.

How do I came up with the design? Well, it’s a joint effort of a few who where participating with my call to vote. I did them on my creative streams, then uploaded the sketches in my social media accounts.


I sketched a few shapes then let them choose which one (or two) they like most. With a little back and forth, we came up with a design that fits the personality we want the mascot to portray. Also, something recognizable in the long run.


Then we came up with different body figures too. And so we came up with this after 3 weeks. One of the celebratory wallpapers we did for the new mascot reveal on stream.


I’m very happy with the new mascot we did. It’s a joint effort! It also means that they care for the character, they like the character, which makes me happier! I never had positive reactions with my old mascot, so I am guessing I made the right decision!

To add to that, here’s a video for the new mascot reveal inspired by an old anime – Magic Knight Rayearth.


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