2018 Highlights

Eyooo~ 2018 is done! And it’s a roller coaster! Anyway, here are some highlights that happened.

Let’s get into the negatives first, I lost a bunch career-wise. I lost clients and work related stuff. Meaning I am only relying on my savings. And still, haven’t caught a break into that. Man, it takes a toll on you. You’ll get this sense of failure because you can’t provide.

Also, had some self-worth stuff going on my head the past months, but I think I can handle it better nowadays – I hope. I’ll keep that short. That’s it.

Other than that, here are a few ones worth to be happy with!

I revived my YouTube channel – somehow. It’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do but can’t due to a few circumstances. Also, I returned to streaming! And with a new Twitch channel. Which you can check out the highlights below. It is fun! Being productive and being creative at the same time, just, wow.

There’s this tag also in Instagram that I enjoyed doing – #drawthisinyourstyle. It’s fun being open to different artists and illustrators and do your own rendition of their characters. It also opened doors on meeting cool people!

There’s also the thing that happened to me this last October, which is that my operating system – Windows 10 – broke my PC. I also made a vlogtoon about it and you can also check it out. That’s 2 months wasted time, since I don’t have any alternative to use.

This time, I’m planning to do more content video related and streaming related. That’s a goal. Hopefully I could do that and technical issues not be a hindrance to that.

So, yes, it’s a roller coaster! I just kept it summarized and not put on too much length on it – so we could indulge on the positive side. So yep, thank you for the support and thank you for joining the ride! Let’s create more stuff this coming 2019!

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