Social Media for Illustrators (what I’ve learned so far)

A very informative post about social media for illustrators. 🙂

sara rhys illustration

I’ve been putting my work all over the internet for years, and if you google my name and scroll down far enough, you’ll probably stumble across some embarrassing interesting pictures from websites and blogs I’ve had in the past featuring jewellery, teddy bears and fairies…. But just because I’ve been posting to promote myself for a long time, doesn’t mean I’ve always done it well (otherwise I’d be one of those Instagram superusers by now). I am pretty nerdy though and in recent times, particularly since I became an illustrator, I’ve become increasingly interested in learning how to promote myself more effectively on the internet.

I’m no expert, but I did get noticed by my agent on Instagram, and my following is growing gently. I think this is because I genuinely enjoy using social media, and make a point of learning new ways to use it well. So here I…

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