Concepts and designs are everywhere. A thing, a scenery, an image – these may spark idea in one’s creative mind. Sometimes the idea may be translated to a good story or a beautiful work of art. Me? I make my ideas come to life via designing. I am a graphic designer and illustrator by profession. My hometown is in the Philippines. Some of works involve layouts for corporate identity and print collaterals, web pages, app and UX designs. I am somewhat knowledgeable in video and audio editing. My experiences also includes providing creative direction and design guidance to a team of designers located mostly in Southeast Asia.

Patintero Comics

My love for cartoons and comic books enabled me to release my own title – Patintero Comics. In which, I prefer to call my art style experimental – influences from cartoons stand out in my works.

I love pizza and apparels. This led me to independently produce Real Time Hero, a local brand of shirt. To date, I have worked with several companies including outsourcing and designing firms, and web development company. Today, I am venturing into the vast realm of freelancing.  Currently accepting cartoon illustrations, sequential art commissions, and character concepts.

So, you out there! I’m looking forward in working with you! 🙂