Stopped Streaming For Now

The title says it all. I stopped streaming for now. There are no other excuses, just two things - crappy internet & no one's watching. I'm pretty much a loner out there haha! But, I'm still lurking out there so if you guys need to reach me, there'll be no problem. In other news, I'm … Continue reading Stopped Streaming For Now

Making It A Habit

You probably have an idea of what I'm talking since, like forever(?) It's about streaming. I'm slowly getting back into art streaming this time, 2-3 days a week. I'm enjoying it. I can be productive through out the day and actually finish things. I also mentioned it way back in this post. I like to … Continue reading Making It A Habit

Event Season Ending

Convention season is about to end here. It was Summer Komikon - Summer Komiket - August Indieket- APCC - MIBF - October Komiket - November Komikon. That's if, I remember it right. 😀 Anyway, what had happen these past months. First thing that's notable is, I released my 3rd installation of Patintero Comics. Next is, … Continue reading Event Season Ending

The Panda Within: Season 2

I'm finally back in creating webcomics.. The Panda Within. But it's now on Season 2! It's not new. It's an existing title, but I wanted a fresh start. Like, a new chapter. However, I don't want to start from scratch again so I put the new strips under the umbrella of this existing title. I … Continue reading The Panda Within: Season 2