“I Despise Art”

I'm starting to feel that way. But it's a bit confusing.. And also, ironic. Because I keep on making Livin La Via Experience. But at the same time, I feel like I despise most illustrations, comic stuff or anything related. Generally, art. I don't want to see them. I am completely avoiding them to the … Continue reading “I Despise Art”


Livin La Via Experience

As for you who's following me in some social media, you're probably aware of my webcomic relaunch project - Livin La Via Experience. It went live last week and been having trailers for a month before going live.  A full-length post will follow within the month probably. But for now, you can check it out … Continue reading Livin La Via Experience

Free Comic Book Day 2017

FCBD! First Saturday of May every year. I've participated for the last 5 years, and it's always awesome. But to be honest, this must be the best yet. It's always given that comic fans and readers all over the metro check out the event. Not to mention that it's celebrated all around the world. And … Continue reading Free Comic Book Day 2017

Stopped Streaming For Now

The title says it all. I stopped streaming for now. There are no other excuses, just two things - crappy internet & no one's watching. I'm pretty much a loner out there haha! But, I'm still lurking out there so if you guys need to reach me, there'll be no problem. In other news, I'm … Continue reading Stopped Streaming For Now