Online Shop & Webcomics

How’s it going? Hope you’re all doing well. Let’s get straight into it - I now have an online store and a new webcomic! First, the online store/shop. I now have a spot on Etsy. Which is this one! If you fancy clip arts and digital downloads, hope you could check it out. There are … Continue reading Online Shop & Webcomics

My (not so..) 2019

My 2019. Hello, it’s been a very long while since my last update here. I was still contemplating whether I should post this here but maybe this is the only place I can put this long one.  The year 2019 wasn’t that kind to me. It made me experience things I hardly imagined. Actually, it … Continue reading My (not so..) 2019

Social Media for Illustrators (what I’ve learned so far)

A very informative post about social media for illustrators. 🙂

sara rhys illustration

I’ve been putting my work all over the internet for years, and if you google my name and scroll down far enough, you’ll probably stumble across some embarrassing interesting pictures from websites and blogs I’ve had in the past featuring jewellery, teddy bears and fairies…. But just because I’ve been posting to promote myself for a long time, doesn’t mean I’ve always done it well (otherwise I’d be one of those Instagram superusers by now). I am pretty nerdy though and in recent times, particularly since I became an illustrator, I’ve become increasingly interested in learning how to promote myself more effectively on the internet.

I’m no expert, but I did get noticed by my agent on Instagram, and my following is growing gently. I think this is because I genuinely enjoy using social media, and make a point of learning new ways to use it well. So here I…

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January 2019 Recap

Here's what was made this past month. I released a video about Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse. It's a really great and fun movie. You can check it out below. I also made a 2019 Creative List - yes, list. Not goals. It sounds less intimidating for me. The things mentioned in the list … Continue reading January 2019 Recap

2018 Highlights

Eyooo~ 2018 is done! And it's a roller coaster! Anyway, here are some highlights that happened. Let's get into the negatives first, I lost a bunch career-wise. I lost clients and work related stuff. Meaning I am only relying on my savings. And still, haven't caught a break into that. Man, it takes a toll … Continue reading 2018 Highlights

Patintero Comics Anniversary

Last month was the anniversary of my old comic title, Patintero Comics. Since August was a bit busy, I decided to do this just now. The title was released last 2010.   Here's some character revisiting. This time, keeping their personalities in mind in designing. 😊 Thank you for following last week's series!  

August Stream Theme: Backgrounds

I decided to come up with a theme for streaming last month - it was backgrounds. This is a way to practice doing backgrounds and also explore doing such things. I always draw cartoon characters and often times, you will come to a point that you're unintentionally neglecting doing backgrounds. So I thought, this may … Continue reading August Stream Theme: Backgrounds

Quick Update: Back To Streaming

So basically, it's just a short video about an update. I made my way back in doing creative streaming. You probably know it if you already follow me in my social media accounts. I gave out hints ahead of the announcement. Also, I've been saying it a lot on my previous blog posts and vlog … Continue reading Quick Update: Back To Streaming