Friendly Potato

I announced my new project last night. Go check it out if you want! 😀 We run into too much negativity and toxicity everyday that we sometimes forget to look at the bright side of things. This is me sharing the positives vibes with everyone thru a friendly potato. Here's hoping we could all pass … Continue reading Friendly Potato


The Struggle is Real

I'm nearing my 2 year anniversary as a freelancer. Yep, 2 years of struggle, lol. I must admit, it's never easy. NEVER.The pain of not having a stable income lingers to your mind every single day. It came to the point that I'm doubting myself that I took the right profession in my life. And … Continue reading The Struggle is Real

TBT: Patintero Comics

Around a couple of years ago, I worked with my own comic series called Patintero. First issue was released 2010. Then I compiled everything into a trade paperback. Managed to make it until volume 2! Then life made its way around me so I took an unexpected hiatus.  I've come up with some sketches to … Continue reading TBT: Patintero Comics

5 Mistakes Every Freelancer Makes

Well, here's the thing, I forgot where I got this. But the image says "Creative Market" on top. So I went there and saw the original post! There's a very good direct point mentioned there, which is: “It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.” … Continue reading 5 Mistakes Every Freelancer Makes

Knight & Silver Classes

I've bumped into a couple of online classes that I think would be beneficial in the long run. I'll give you short introductions on each. First is Keith Knight's Cartooning Workshop. Here's an excerpt from the page: You’ll learn how to find a story, convey it in a concise manner, and use the tools of … Continue reading Knight & Silver Classes