January 2019 Recap

Here's what was made this past month. I released a video about Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse. It's a really great and fun movie. You can check it out below. https://youtu.be/aSYMngkosnI I also made a 2019 Creative List - yes, list. Not goals. It sounds less intimidating for me. The things mentioned in the list … Continue reading January 2019 Recap


2018 Highlights

Eyooo~ 2018 is done! And it's a roller coaster! Anyway, here are some highlights that happened. Let's get into the negatives first, I lost a bunch career-wise. I lost clients and work related stuff. Meaning I am only relying on my savings. And still, haven't caught a break into that. Man, it takes a toll … Continue reading 2018 Highlights

Patintero Comics Anniversary

Last month was the anniversary of my old comic title, Patintero Comics. Since August was a bit busy, I decided to do this just now. The title was released last 2010.   Here's some character revisiting. This time, keeping their personalities in mind in designing. 😊 Thank you for following last week's series!  

Quick Update: Back To Streaming

So basically, it's just a short video about an update. I made my way back in doing creative streaming. You probably know it if you already follow me in my social media accounts. I gave out hints ahead of the announcement. Also, I've been saying it a lot on my previous blog posts and vlog … Continue reading Quick Update: Back To Streaming

Friendly Potato

I announced my new project last night. Go check it out if you want! 😀 We run into too much negativity and toxicity everyday that we sometimes forget to look at the bright side of things. This is me sharing the positives vibes with everyone thru a friendly potato. Here's hoping we could all pass … Continue reading Friendly Potato