It’s been a good break, but I’m back on creating more art – hopefully! Probably changing my approach this time around. Okay that’s all, k’tnxbye!


Mental State

Last month, I made a series of illustrations that reflected my state of mind. What I’m feeling the past days and months. Although these were bothering me for more than a year now, I only managed to share it recently.

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The Panda Within: Season 2

I’m finally back in creating webcomics..


The Panda Within. But it’s now on Season 2! It’s not new. It’s an existing title, but I wanted a fresh start. Like, a new chapter. However, I don’t want to start from scratch again so I put the new strips under the umbrella of this existing title. Continue reading “The Panda Within: Season 2”

AsiaPOP Comicon Manila

What exactly is AsiaPOP Comicon (APCC)?

Oh not much. It’s just the is the biggest annual comic and pop culture convention in the Philippines and the region.

Here’s an image of what and who to expect. Yep, celebrity guests and international creators!


Also, there’s this..


I’ll be there Saturday with Komikon peeps and fellow Sulyap Komiks Anthology artists. Booth CC 42-43! And yes, I’ll be accepting commissions.

This will be the first time that I’ll attend APCC. Its first event here in Manila was last year. It’s good that there are more and more art related events coming our way 🙂


P.S.. I think I missed posting about Indieket which happened last August 21. I’ll check if there are images I can share with you guys..


My search for the right portfolio site is never ending. Although there are really great existing ones, I’m looking for the one that would fit for my needs. Days ago, I’ve been reading a lot about PortfolioBox.

Below is an image of their current pricing.


Well, look at that. Here’s a run down for the FREE package.

• 50 images. You would only need at least 20 images for a good showing of your portfolio. So that’s pretty neat when you only need to showcase few images to represent your skills.

• Products. Yes products! You can have a mini online store. Isn’t that amazing? 10 products is not bad. Payment is via PayPal or invoice.

• 10 pages. I don’t really need much pages. I usually go with max of 5 pages. Including the homepage.

And with going PRO, you unlock the unlimited hosting of each, plus CSS customization.

Now what caught my attention? Yes, the online store of 10 products. That’s useful for someone like me who wanted to sell some pieces online on a single domain. I’ve tried RedBubble and Society6, not that good to me. Probably not my market. So the product selling included in PortfolioBox is good.

Not bad! I know right? The thing is..


Look closely. You can only have 50 maximum blog posts for the FREE package. 50 maximum posts.

Yeah, that’s given, you have access on their e-commerce feature, then probably will be a limit somewhere else, right?

So, I’m still contemplating on using PortfolioBox. Let me know your thoughts about this. 🙂

Patintero Comics #3

Yo! It’s here. Patintero Comics Book 3 will be available this coming Summer Komikon 2016 (Official Event Page) 👌

The long wait is over ahahaha! This. The one kept me busy for the past months! Whew! Feels so good.

Oh, I will also be accepting commissions. So see you there! 🙂

Patintero Book 3 Cover Blank