Return to Web Comics

I'm planning on returning to work on my webcomic .  For you who are new here. I stated that I'll be taking a break in webcomics earlier this year. I have 2 webcomic titles on hold - The Panda Within and Livin La Via Experience. Nothing much to say here but, the stuff to be … Continue reading Return to Web Comics


The Wave of Summer Komikon 2016

I admit. It's been days after Summer Komikon 2016, but I still feel the hype. Not questionable though. It's the launch of my 3rd book - Patintero Comics. Also, it was the first event I participated for this year. And oh, do I miss attending events! I managed to take a few snaps of the event … Continue reading The Wave of Summer Komikon 2016

Patintero Comics #3

Yo! It's here. Patintero Comics Book 3 will be available this coming Summer Komikon 2016 (Official Event Page) 👌 The long wait is over ahahaha! This. The one kept me busy for the past months! Whew! Feels so good. Oh, I will also be accepting commissions. So see you there! 🙂 ‪#‎PatinteroComics‬

Komikon 2015

Yeah, this is a late post because the event happened 2 weeks ago lol.. Anyway, here're some images from the event..    Regarding The Panda Within: Ice Cold Ice Cream Outbreak - Story & Activity Book, check out more here: (click image)   And here's our teaser video for the said event! See ya around … Continue reading Komikon 2015

TBT: Patintero Comics

Around a couple of years ago, I worked with my own comic series called Patintero. First issue was released 2010. Then I compiled everything into a trade paperback. Managed to make it until volume 2! Then life made its way around me so I took an unexpected hiatus.  I've come up with some sketches to … Continue reading TBT: Patintero Comics

Tumblr Page for The Panda Within

Hi guys! I made a Tumblr Page for The Panda Within. The goal is to reach a wider audience as much as possible. Wherever I can. 🙂 Don't get me wrong, I won't leave WordPress. And I won't stop uploading in Tapastic. So if any of you guys have a tumblr profile, go check it … Continue reading Tumblr Page for The Panda Within

Owen Garcia Cartoon

One of the few Patintero Comics artworks we will be seeing this year. I guess. Owen is the protagonist in my self-published comic series available locally in a few book stores. Currently Volume 1 and 2. In the story, Patintero is already an international sport and one of the main reasons why Philippines saw it's … Continue reading Owen Garcia Cartoon