Livin La Via Experience

As for you who's following me in some social media, you're probably aware of my webcomic relaunch project - Livin La Via Experience. It went live last week and been having trailers for a month before going live.  A full-length post will follow within the month probably. But for now, you can check it out … Continue reading Livin La Via Experience


Komikon 2016

Well, this is a late post but yeah, Komikon 2016 happened last week. It's the last event of the year related to the comic scene. Managed to snap some images but the best thing here was the wave of people that came! It's so nice that there are new faces and visitors checking out what … Continue reading Komikon 2016

The Panda Within: Season 2

I'm finally back in creating webcomics.. The Panda Within. But it's now on Season 2! It's not new. It's an existing title, but I wanted a fresh start. Like, a new chapter. However, I don't want to start from scratch again so I put the new strips under the umbrella of this existing title. I … Continue reading The Panda Within: Season 2

Patintero Comics #3

Yo! It's here. Patintero Comics Book 3 will be available this coming Summer Komikon 2016 (Official Event Page) 👌 The long wait is over ahahaha! This. The one kept me busy for the past months! Whew! Feels so good. Oh, I will also be accepting commissions. So see you there! 🙂 ‪#‎PatinteroComics‬

Komikon 2015

Yeah, this is a late post because the event happened 2 weeks ago lol.. Anyway, here're some images from the event..    Regarding The Panda Within: Ice Cold Ice Cream Outbreak - Story & Activity Book, check out more here: (click image)   And here's our teaser video for the said event! See ya around … Continue reading Komikon 2015

TBT: Patintero Comics

Around a couple of years ago, I worked with my own comic series called Patintero. First issue was released 2010. Then I compiled everything into a trade paperback. Managed to make it until volume 2! Then life made its way around me so I took an unexpected hiatus.  I've come up with some sketches to … Continue reading TBT: Patintero Comics