Komikon 2017 | VlogToon #6

Time to talk about Komikon. I met most of my friends today in events like this in the past. So, why not take a look what it looks like? A vlogtoon about Komikon! Also, I apologize for my shaky video! And, new end card!

The Wave of Summer Komikon 2016

I admit. It's been days after Summer Komikon 2016, but I still feel the hype. Not questionable though. It's the launch of my 3rd book - Patintero Comics. Also, it was the first event I participated for this year. And oh, do I miss attending events! I managed to take a few snaps of the event … Continue reading The Wave of Summer Komikon 2016

Patintero Comics #3

Yo! It's here. Patintero Comics Book 3 will be available this coming Summer Komikon 2016 (Official Event Page) 👌 The long wait is over ahahaha! This. The one kept me busy for the past months! Whew! Feels so good. Oh, I will also be accepting commissions. So see you there! 🙂 ‪#‎PatinteroComics‬

Komikon 2015

Yeah, this is a late post because the event happened 2 weeks ago lol.. Anyway, here're some images from the event..    Regarding The Panda Within: Ice Cold Ice Cream Outbreak - Story & Activity Book, check out more here: (click image)   And here's our teaser video for the said event! See ya around … Continue reading Komikon 2015

Free Comic Book Day 2015

Late post, but yeah, had to share this. 🙂 This year's Free Comic Book Day is bigger than ever! Bigger crowd! Lots of freebies! And lots of local comic stores participating! North to South! Anyway, I was a guest artist at Comic Odyssey BGC Branch in Taguig - yeah, where FullyBooked BGC is located. Indeed, … Continue reading Free Comic Book Day 2015

Komiket Launch Prints 2015

Hello! It's been a while! 🙂 Well, busy schedules, life things and stuff. Anyway, Komiket is just around the corner and oh yeah I'm ready! So for the reveal! My summer series prints are now ready! So excited for these! I might also make them available via an online store. Still planning on that part … Continue reading Komiket Launch Prints 2015