Friendly Potato


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Step By Step | VlogToon #5

Another vlogtoon up! It’s a continuation of my 4th vlogtoon. From lack of motivation, to doing things step by step. Also, forgot to update my end screen info. Please refer on the side panel or at the bottom of my page for my links!


5 Mistakes Every Freelancer Makes

Well, here’s the thing, I forgot where I got this. But the image says “Creative Market” on top. So I went there and saw the original post! There’s a very good direct point mentioned there, which is:

“It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.” – Paul Scher

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The Bookstore Experience

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I remember when I was a kid, aside from a toy store, I will ask my parents to leave me in a bookstore as they go on doing groceries. I loved it! It paved the way of exploring different kinds of books – novels, textbooks, encyclopedias, history books, etc. And it’s an adventure as I flip on different pages! Like, something to unravel along the way! Now come school days, I did love the library! It’s full of books, it’s quiet, it has the ambiance of giving you your moment to imagine what you are reading.

And then I met comics. Its visual storytelling is so cool that makes you crave for more! We don’t have comics in our libraries way back then, I saw comics in a newspaper stall near the barbershop in the town I grew up. They sell newspapers, used books, fashion mags and comics. That’s my first experience on holding a comic mag. In my mind it’s like, “Wow! I want to take this home!” Hahaha! I’ll always pull my mom to go buy me that comic – weekly! Even that’s not as big as a bookstore or library, but it’s a book place.

Well, that’s what bookstores gave me. The experience and the habit of loving books & book places.

Elite Daily has something to say to us regarding bookstores. This is definitely a good read. Indeed it is the digital age. But there’s really something in a physical book that makes us hold it and cherish it for long hours and even days.

When we shop online, we’re often looking for one specific product. In a bookstore, you may stumble upon a novel that never would have showed up in your search, and that you never would have otherwise read.

Go check it out. Here’s the link.

The Bondocs


I had the privilege to spend the weekend with some friends in a nearby out of town escapade. There’s this one special family that helped me a lot thru the times I was just starting up to be a comic artist. They handled most of my printing process in the earlier stages. Then I decided to compile the issues into trade paperback books.

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Electric Bunny Comics


There are comics that are just easy to like/love! I consider this one of those. 😀

It’s an autobiography comics with some fabricated situations in it. Like what Dingo said…

“My comics are a way for me to show people my life. Every comic that is about me are things that I have done, talked about or witnessed…..SOME are MILDLY fabricated.”

Feel free to check Dingo’s site! Electric Bunny Comics

Running A Web Comic

The Dreamer Lora Innes

I just want to share to you guys the struggles & the tips on running a web comic, that Lora posted to Chris Oatley’s website.

There are a few things I wish I’d known before I got started.” – Lora Innes

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