August Stream Theme: Backgrounds

I decided to come up with a theme for streaming last month – it was backgrounds.

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Stopped Streaming For Now

The title says it all. I stopped streaming for now. There are no other excuses, just two things – crappy internet & no one’s watching.

I’m pretty much a loner out there haha! But, I’m still lurking out there so if you guys need to reach me, there’ll be no problem.

In other news, I’m currently in progress of a new project that I’m excited to show you all! Plus, my webcomic (The Panda Within) is still running!

That’ll be it for now! Peace out!

SirNinjalot – Twitch Channel Overlay

This one’s for a mascot of Sir_Ninjalot’s Twitch channel.


The concept was to have a ninja cartoon with a dorky-looking donkey. It will be used in most of channel activities and stuff. We used it in a loading image and game overlay.

You can find Sir_Ninjalot’s channel here.

And if you have inquiries regarding Twitch channel overlay designing, hit me up with a message.🙂