Livin La Via Experience

As for you who's following me in some social media, you're probably aware of my webcomic relaunch project - Livin La Via Experience. It went live last week and been having trailers for a month before going live.  A full-length post will follow within the month probably. But for now, you can check it out … Continue reading Livin La Via Experience


Return to Web Comics

I'm planning on returning to work on my webcomic .  For you who are new here. I stated that I'll be taking a break in webcomics earlier this year. I have 2 webcomic titles on hold - The Panda Within and Livin La Via Experience. Nothing much to say here but, the stuff to be … Continue reading Return to Web Comics

Livin’ La Via Experience now live!

Yeah! The long wait is over! It's here! Livin La Via Experience is now live! Here's an excerpt from the comic to glimpse an idea of what it's about: In a given setting, the readers have the power to choose the tasks and course of action of the character. The decision will be based on … Continue reading Livin’ La Via Experience now live!

Blog Theme & Something New

I've been contemplating what kind of design I should be using since I plan to change the theme of this blog. I explored some themes around the web that can be used in WordPress. Saw some neat ones and not-so-cool ones. Still not sure what to use though. Still searching what suits best. I'll keep … Continue reading Blog Theme & Something New

The Panda Within – A Web Comic!

So as I said, I'll be starting a web comic that will be updated weekly. That's the title - The Panda Within. You can check it here: The Panda Within  It's a quirky comic about the random weird  adventures of Kyle and his panda buddy. It’s a slice-of-life comedy with a supernatural twist. You can believe … Continue reading The Panda Within – A Web Comic!